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About Us
We’ve been a leader in the work to stop family violence since 1978. Our holistic approach provides a clear path for families to progress from fear to safety.


Board of Directors 



Eric White


Stephen Bodwell


Mike Montgomery


VP, Audit and Finance


Stephen Bodwell

VP, Community Awareness

Phyllis Cole McKnight

VP, Development 

Dana Beckman 

VP, Facilities 

Harold Ginsburg 

VP, Human Capital 

Kim Koonce          

VP, Long Range Planning

David Allston


Emily Maduro

VP, Public Affairs

Deborah Alves


Chief Executive Officer


Paige Flink


David Allston

Deborah Alves

Mandy Austin

Kristin Bauer

Dana Beckman

Brandi Billings-Wilkerson

Stephen Bodwell

Sherice Brown

Jim Buddrus

Eric Chandler

Brenda Cockerell

Mike Coffey

Laura Colhouer

Jane Darrow

Holly Deason

Socorro Dismore

Baranda Fermin

Sara Friedman

Brad Furry

Harold Ginsburg

Rhonda Green

Kimberli Greer

Julie Hoad

Jennifer S. Hargrave

Travis Hollman

Charlyn Holmes

Delia Jasso 

Stacee Johnson-Williams

Kim Koonce

Rebecca Lopez

Emily Maduro

John Mazey

Wes McCown

Phyllis Cole McKnight

Patrick McLaughlin

Mary McNulty

Sam Megally

Sara Madsen Miller

Mike Montgomery

Amanda Moreno Lake

Lauren Mutti

Connie Nash

Mark Phariss

Stacy Rodriguez

Jason Rzeszutko

Carol Seay

 Lisa Singleton

 Jenifer Strauss

Jill Tananbaum

Sharon Washburn

Robert Weatherly

Eric White

  Radhika Zaveri


Key Staff

Chief Financial and
Administrative Officer

Julie Murdock

Chief Programs Officer

Tiffany McDaniel

Vice President -

Melissa Sherrill

Senior Director of
Human Resources

Stephanie Adams

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