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Our Services
We provide everything family violence victims need to be safe—a hotline, safe housing, legal help, supervised visitation, counseling for victims and abusers, and community education.

Supervised Visitation

Faith and Liberty’s Place Family Center provides a safe, child-centered environment where trained professionals facilitate supervised child visitation and monitored exchange with non-custodial parents.

Referrals come directly from the Dallas Family Courts, primarily from child custody cases in which one parent has a history of abusive behaviors toward the other parent and/or child. Parents going through separation, divorce, and/or a custody process may have multiple issues that can compromise a child’s safety and/or the safety of a parent in that family. Therefore, to protect the children and parents, the family may seek out or be ordered to a program that will supervise a parent’s access with their child.

At Faith and Liberty’s Place Family Center, supervised visitation involves providing on-site, one-on-one monitoring and observation of parenting time by trained professionals. Monitored exchanges provide families an opportunity to have a safe location to exchange children without parents having contact with each other. Most often the exchange follows a routine schedule defined in a court order or written agreement.

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