2021 Summer Appeal

Here’s the good news: We’ve made GREAT progress reconstructing our Safe Campus after the freeze damage from the winter storm. The community, including people like you, really rallied around our clients! As of Friday, July 16 we have begun moving our clients and staff back into the new and improved Safe Campus, so that they can continue working towards their goals.
Here’s our challenge: Many areas of our campus had to be completely gutted, and insurance did not pay for everything that we needed—such as weather-proofing so that we won’t ever experience this kind of damage again.

There are also many unbudgeted expenses to meet associated with moving the women, children and staff back to the Safe Campus. Can you help? Please donate generously to help us cover the cost of repairs not covered by insurance, fund our essential programs, or provide physical items like pillows, sheets and blankets by shopping our Amazon Wish List.

Our families LOVE our beautiful, rebuilt Safe Campus—a therapeutic environment that enables us to best serve our clients. Thank you for helping them when they need it most!

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