40 Stories for 40 Years: Meshelle Osborn

by Emily Roberts | Nov 26, 2018

Throughout her life, Meshelle experienced numerous unhealthy relationships. She felt like it was the norm to fight and defend herself, and each abusive encounter ended in hurt, pain and even self-destructive behavior.

After having her first child, her partner started psychologically abusing her. What could have been a joyful start of a new family turned into a frightening family dynamic. All of her children were witnesses to the family violence, which eventually led to a CPS investigation. Meshelle was willing to do anything to help her family, so she sought counseling at The Family Place. 

“The thought of losing my children brought out a strength that I didn’t know was in me,” she says. “My life had spiraled out of control, but The Family Place taught me to see the unhealthy parts of my relationship, learn to protect myself, and to heal in many areas of my life.”

Meshelle is no longer a victim of family violence but a strong survivor and advocate. She says she is now able to lead her family in the way God intended her to, and she serves on The Family Place’s Ladies of Leadership.

“I'm proud to say that I'm here today because of The Family Place, “ Meshelle says. “I still have miles to go on this journey, but I now understand that I to deserve to live and enjoy my life.”