• Program Highlight: Emergency Shelter Services

    by Emily Roberts | Nov 11, 2019

    Our Emergency Shelter Services are crucial to keep victims safe as they leave their abusers. We prioritize the client to make sure they feel safe and supported while in our shelter. Across The Family Place’s three shelters we have a total of 177 shelter beds.  

    Upon arrival, clients are greeted by a resident advocate who ensures they feel safe and welcome from the moment they come through the doors. Clients are provided three meals a day and have access to a pantry with basic needs. Each victim in our emergency shelter is assigned a case manager who provides resources and day-to-day help.

    Once settled in our shelter, clients can participate in different programs within The Family Place. While our top priority for families in our shelter is to provide physical safety and emotional healing, we also have domestic violence education courses, parenting classes and employment classes to help victims get back on their feet and start a new life. An average stay in one of our shelters is around 45 days, but this varies depending on each individual’s situation. 

    At our shelters clients have access to childcare, a medical and dental clinic, and we even have an animal kennel for their furry friends. With these services on-site, they do not have to worry about transportation or financial barriers that could prevent them from getting help.

    Abby Davis, our Emergency Shelter Services Program Director at Ann Moody Place, oversees the daily operations of the shelter to ensure clients’ needs are being met and case managers have adequate support for their caseloads.

    One story that sticks out to Abby is a woman who struggled with immigration issues and had a young son with autism. She had no support from friends and family, but always had a positive attitude and remained patient with her son no matter the circumstance. She was able to get into our transitional housing program and has now moved into her own home to begin her new life.   

    “This agency is a blessing for many clients who otherwise would not have the opportunity to be safe and have an undisclosed location with trauma-informed care and educated staff with knowledge of domestic violence and the dynamics of abuse,” says Abby.

  • Partners Card Picks: Fort Worth

    by Emily Roberts | Oct 31, 2019
  • Partners Card Picks: Vodi Cook

    by Emily Roberts | Oct 31, 2019

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  • Partners Card Picks: Jenny Anchondo

    by Emily Roberts | Oct 31, 2019

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  • Partners Card Picks: Stephanie Seay

    by Emily Roberts | Oct 23, 2019

    Co-Chair, Stephanie Seay, loves shopping at NorthPark Center and can't wait to stop by her favorite stores during Partners Card. Stephanie has got her eyes on a pair of fabulous gold boots from Rebecca Taylor, and then plans on stopping by Maje to score some new pieces to add to her wardrobe! After a long day of shopping, she plans to refuel at Breadwinners Cafe & Bakery with her friends. Read more about Stephanie's Partners Card Picks on her blog, The Seayside

  • Partners Card Picks: Lee Cordon

    by Emily Roberts | Oct 23, 2019

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  • Partners Card Picks: Taylor Turner

    by Emily Roberts | Oct 23, 2019

    Taylor Turner, founder of Hazen & Co, is thrilled to save money with her Partners Card at these Dallas gems! She plans on stopping by Talulah & Hess and St. Michael’s Woman’s Exchange to stock up on stylish and elegant gifts for her friends. Of course, she has to visit her Hazen & Co
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  • Partners Card Picks: Kimberly Schlegel

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    Kimberly can't wait to use her Partners Card to shop at some of her favorite stores in NorthPark Center, including Kate Spade, Diptyque, and Sugarfina. Also check out NorthPark Center's Guide to Partners Card and be on the lookout for our Partners Card Selling Table!

  • Partners Card Picks: Dallasites 101

    by Shivangi Pokharel | Oct 16, 2019

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  • Partners Card Picks: PaperCity's Billy Fong and Lisa Shaddock

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    Billy FongPaperCity Culture and Style Editor

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    Lisa ShaddockPaperCity Senior Editor

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  • Partners Card Picks: Jane McGarry - Host of WFAA’s Good Morning Texas

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  • Program Highlight: 24-hour Crisis Hotline

    by Emily Roberts | Sep 30, 2019

    Family violence doesn’t take a break, and neither does The Family Place’s 24-hour crisis hotline. In 2018, we received 7,595 emergency hotline calls.

    Our hotline counselors are the first voices that domestic violence callers hear when they reach out for help. Counselors listen to callers in order to understand their circumstances and provide the best solution possible.

    On average, a hotline counselor may speak with 20 to 25 men or women each day. When someone calls the hotline, the counselors first listen to understand more about the client’s situation. Then the counselors will ask more questions and explain what services and shelter options are available at The Family Place. Most callers are seeking safe shelter and immediate basic needs, as they often leave with nothing but the clothes on their back.

    Clients that are considered High Risk (HRO) or are called in by the Dallas Police Department because of a high Lethality Assessment Program (LAP) score always get immediate shelter. These cases typically involve increased risk of deadly situations.

    If a client calls and our shelters are full, high risk clients are connected to a Program Director who can help with immediate needs. This might mean clients are referred to another family violence shelter or might lead The Family Place to find a hotel for the victim until we are able to get them into a shelter.

    Every call touches the hearts of the hotline counselors, but some stand out more than others. One client called our hotline in a panic because her abuser had shot through the windshield of the car while she was in the passenger seat and her two-year-old daughter was in the back. The mother described how scary it was to witness someone that she thought she loved act out by shooting a gun to scare her. With the help of Tahira, one of our hotline counselors, the mother and children were able get into one of our shelters and utilize The Family Place resources to work through the trauma they experienced.

    “The hotline offers emotional support and resources to help individuals with creating effective safety plans and continues to provide a stable anchor for those in the wake of such violence. Along with safe shelter and support, The Family Place is dedicated to help individuals with emotional processing and locating appropriate resources and referrals for recovery,” says Tahira.

  • Program Highlight: The Family Place Supportive Living Program & Bilingual Services

    by Emily Roberts | Sep 11, 2019

    The Family Place sets itself apart by offering its services and programs in both English and Spanish. Our bilingual staff are so important because many of our clients speak little to no English. Without bilingual case managers, counselors and support staff, many Spanish-speaking victims of family violence would not receive the proper resources and might not have their voices heard.  We can serve a much larger population by offering services in both English and Spanish and inform victims that there is always help available. With language barriers nearly eliminated, we can serve all people seeking services at The Family Place more effectively.

    Ana Auces is a bilingual case manager who works with clients in our Supportive Living Program (SLP). SLP is our transitional housing program that provides 26 on-campus extended-stay apartments to individuals and families coming from one of our emergency shelters. As a case manager, her role is to assist clients with basic needs as well as meeting one-on-one to talk about their specific situation. She serves as a voice for victims during a time of change and transition for the families in our care.

    Families that enter SLP are given a furnished apartment that includes bedding, basic food items, pots and pans, plates, utensils, and other necessities to get them started. From then on, clients are responsible for getting food and essentials on their own.

    If they are not already working or going to school when entering SLP, clients will actively search for employment or further education opportunities, so they are prepared when they leave. By providing these clients with free housing, they can save money to support themselves and their families when they exit our care.

    As Ana says, her goal is to “work together with The Family Place team to place our clients in a community where they feel the most comfortable while preparing them to be independent.” 

  • Program Highlight: The Harold C. Simmons Child Development Center

    by Emily Roberts | Aug 20, 2019

    The Harold C. Simmons Child Development Center (CDC) at our Safe Campus offers a specialized curriculum for children five and under that have experienced trauma. This curriculum helps kids at the CDC heal and regain any developmental loss. The CDC provides free childcare for women in our shelter so they can go to work, look for jobs and go to counseling knowing their child is in good hands.

    In recognizing the need for a person dedicated to children’s behavior at the CDC, Gennie Jones joined our team as the Behavior Intervention Specialist (BIS), helping to create positive behavioral change with kids at the CDC.

    As a Behavior Intervention Specialist, Gennie’s main role is to assess every child enrolled at the CDC. She conducts a pre-assessment test on the child’s 5th day and a post-assessment test on their 30th day, if the child is still in our care. During these assessments, she evaluates communication, problem solving skills and speech to determine if there are any pressing behavioral concerns. She also works closely with the counselors to ensure children in the CDC are receiving the specific care they need.

    Every kid reacts to trauma differently, but subtle behaviors cannot go unnoticed. Gennie helps educate The Family Place community—teachers, parents, and staff—about observing important behavioral signs. In identifying these destructive or abnormal behaviors, she helps others understand their importance, making sure the child has support to work on positive behavioral change.

    The CDC is always busy with toddlers running around and teachers interacting with their students. Gennie is an additional resource to address behavioral concerns, so they are resolved effectively and efficiently. Her expertise helps kids in the CDC receive individualized help in overcoming their traumatic experiences.

    Gennie helps mothers understand that small, abnormal behaviors at a young age need to be dealt with immediately, as there is usually something more behind the behavior.

    Her most memorable experience was one mother who knew her child needed outside care due to special needs. Their insurance wouldn’t cover the cost and Gennie was able to work with the community to make sure the child received the best care.

    “It is so inspiring to see moms who has been through unimaginable trauma and are working to put themselves back together continue to put her child first and make sure they are getting the care they need,” says Gennie.

  • 40 Stories for 40 Years

    by Emily Roberts | Dec 21, 2018

    Once upon a time, The Family Place opened a shelter and hotline in a house on McKinney Avenue. It was 1978, and intervening in family violence was controversial. We faced significant resistance from law enforcement, the criminal justice system, established therapists and even the religious community.

    But with support from volunteers—Joan Weston and Gerry and Bob Beer—and funders—the National Council of Jewish Women, the Junior League of Dallas, Bette Clair McMurray (the inventor of Liquid Paper), Midway Hills Christian Church and Lovers Lane United Methodist Church, our fledgling efforts soon grew into a leading organization protecting victims and their children.

    Since those early days, we have saved countless lives, counseled more than 215,000 clients, provided shelter to more than 24,000 women, children and men, and answered more than 600,000 calls for help.

    As we look back on these accomplishments, we know that we couldn’t be here for victims who call without your generosity of spirit. As our 40th anniversary year comes to a close, please give today to ensure The Family Place story of hope and love continues to reach those in need.

  • 40 Stories for 40 Years: Mike Rawlings

    by Emily Roberts | Dec 21, 2018

    Following a string of horrific family violence homicides in 2013, Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings launched a citywide initiative to end family violence—the Men Against Abuse campaign. We’re proud to have worked closely with Mayor Rawlings not only on the initial launch that rallied more than 5,000 men to Dallas City Hall, but also on ongoing family violence initiatives.

    The campaign calls on men to take a pledge and commit to speaking out against domestic violence. Mayor Rawlings has promoted the campaign at dozens of events, with support from current and former Dallas Cowboys, The Dallas Morning News, religious leaders and radio DJs. As a result, hundreds of thousands of people have been exposed to the mayor's important message, and more than 25,000 men have taken the Men Against Abuse pledge.

    “From the time I joined the fight against domestic violence with the Men Against Abuse campaign to the launch of our first Dallas Domestic Violence Task Force report, and until today, The Family Place has been an instrumental partner in the development of a locally led and coordinated approach to tackling domestic violence in our city,” Mayor Rawlings said. “The Family Place has always stepped up where there are gaps – whether it be through opening additional facilities to serve more victims, like the Ann Moody Place and the first male shelter last year, or working to shift the culture to prevent domestic violence through community education and its Battering Intervention & Prevention Program. On behalf of the City of Dallas, thanks to The Family Place for its vision, leadership and dedication over the past 40 years.” 

  • 40 Stories for 40 Years: Tiffany McDaniel

    by Emily Roberts | Dec 21, 2018

    Tiffany McDaniel, Chief Program Officer, will celebrate her fifth anniversary at The Family Place in 2019. She came to us after 20 years of work in child protection and homelessness.

    “Domestic violence victims were the one population that was constant in all of my previous experiences and the one population that I thought was the easiest to get lost,” Tiffany says. “I wanted to work in an organization where the mission was focused on the safety of victims as opposed to victimization being a secondary service category. I loved that The Family Place offered services to everyone regardless of their past and present circumstances, and I loved that it was in Dallas, which shortened my commute by about 100 miles a day!”

    Tiffany is passionate about empowering all disenfranchised populations to discover and use their voice, but she is especially passionate about victims of domestic violence because of the generational impact battering has on families. Being a victim of and witnessing violence can forever adversely impact a family system, and the resulting effects negatively impact us all. In meeting with victims throughout my years in social work, she has found the worst thing that victims walk away with is the belief that their voice doesn’t matter.

    “It doesn’t matter in their homes, it doesn’t matter in their intimate relationships, it doesn’t matter to their children, it doesn’t matter in the criminal justice system and it doesn’t matter in the child welfare system. What then, is the motivation to keep going?” she asks. “When we teach victims to use their voice and to use it until someone listens, we are not only showing them that others will believe in them, but also that they can believe in themselves. Knowing that you matter is one of the first steps towards empowerment. “

    One of Tiffany’s favorite quotes is by Melinda Gates: “A woman with a voice is, by definition, a strong woman.” At The Family Place we are teaching victims that they are strong, that their voice matters, and that they should use it without fear as an amazing step towards freedom.     

    Tiffany says that she loves that The Family Place is large enough to serve the masses, but small enough to operate like a family.

    “We care about the people we serve, but we also care about each other. I love that we have a dynamic, visionary leader who gives the staff the leeway to try new things and who is not afraid to take risks to effect change. I am happiest that we have staff members who show up every day with the hearts of servants and with the desire to do the best for every victim that seeks help from us,” she says. “I am proud to work alongside these folks this is truly a family place.”

  • 40 Stories for 40 Years: Texas Women's Foundation

    by Emily Roberts | Dec 19, 2018

    In November 2018 the Dallas Women’s Foundation became the Texas Women’s Foundation. The name change reflects the foundation’s position that the future workforce and future economy in Texas depend upon investing in solutions that address the root causes of women's economic insecurity—and reverse them. This transformation honors the foundation’s 33 years as a leader in advocating for social and economic change for women and girls in Texas.

    Since its inception, the foundation has been an important supporter of the growth of programs at The Family Place. Our earliest gift from the foundation came in 1986, and our most recent arrived last month. In all, the Texas Women’s Foundation and its grantors have provided over $1 million for our capital and program needs.

    Join us in thanking the Texas Women’s Foundation for its effort to strengthen the economic security and change the trajectory of thousands of  women and girls from diverse ethnic and socioeconomic communities. We share the foundation’s goal to ensure that Texas women, girls and families have the knowledge, financial and occupational resources to move from surviving to thriving!

  • 40 Stories for 40 Years: Junior League of Dallas

    by Emily Roberts | Dec 12, 2018

    The Family Place’s relationship with the Junior League of Dallas (JLD) dates back to our earliest days and a grant that helped us hire our first executive director, Gail Griswold, in 1978. Since that time, JLD has granted us nearly $800,000 and more than 25,000 volunteer hours.

    “Junior League of Dallas volunteers are essential to our programs, and we’re grateful for the many years of support,” said The Family Place CEO Paige Flink. “They have been there for us at every important step in our growth.”

    Current JLD President Alicia Hall said that The Family Place has also made a difference in the lives of the organization’s members.

    “Volunteering can truly be life-changing for our members,” Alicia said. “Recently a member shared a story about her time at The Family Place that illustrated how powerful the relationship can be. Through the volunteer training she received, she began to understand what domestic violence looked like and realized that she was a victim.”

    Through our volunteer training, the member also knew the steps to take to stay safe and make changes.

    Over the years, Alicia said, The Family Place has provided flexible volunteer positions for the JLD’s growing membership, accommodating the need for flexible, nighttime and weekend hours.

    “Our relationship with The Family Place has stood the test of time,” she said. “Most importantly our members feel like they are making an impact, and that’s what keeps them engaged.”

    Junior League of Dallas Provisionals learned about the work of The Family Place on their 2018 Community Bus Tour.

  • 40 Stories for 40 Years: Patty Jones

    by Emily Roberts | Dec 07, 2018

    In 1986 Patty married a man that she had no idea was an abuser. After their marriage, he began to hit her in the head and body, but only where bruises would not be visible. Then he slammed a car door on her face, shattering the bones in her jaw, which required her jaw to be wired shut for six months.

    After becoming pregnant, the abuse got worse. He often kicked her in her stomach, eventually leading to premature labor and the loss of her baby. The trauma led to a stroke and severely affected her eyesight. She received five blood transfusions and was in a coma for two months. Doctors told her family on two occasions that she would not survive, but her mother never accepted this and begged the doctors to do all that they could. When Patty came out of the coma, she needed two months of intense rehab to learn to walk, read and talk again. The abuse left her with epilepsy and occasional blindness where she loses her vison for up to 15 minutes at time. But with the love and support of her family, she recovered.

    Patty’s family knew that she needed counseling, and her sister found The Family Place. Through counseling, Patty was equipped with the tools to understand what she had been through and learned that she was not to blame for the abuse she suffered.

    In 2006 Patty wanted to give back to the organization that she said had given her so much. She became a volunteer at our Battering Intervention and Prevention Program office, performing clerical duties and sharing her story of abuse and recovery. In 2013 she became a full-time administrative assistant at The Family Place.

    “I am so proud to be a member of The Family Place family,” Patty says. “It is important for me to set a warm and open tone for our clients so that they know we are here to serve them and help them overcome abusive situations. The most wonderful moments working here come when I see the smiles on our clients faces after receiving the services they need.”

    With help from The Family Place, Patty has built a full life following her abuse. She remarried and has been with her husband for 24 years. She has an adult son and grandchildren. She is also a motivational speaker and life coach, and has a website called You Know Me because she knows there is a “me” in many families.