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Getting involved with our events is a great way to support women and children who need safe housing. Together we can save lives!


A Legacy Campaign (Capital Campaign)

The Family Place has received $1 million challenge grant from Highland Capital Management to finish our $16.5 million Legacy Campaign. For every $1 raised by April 4th it will be matched 50% and will go towards Ann Moody Place to expand much needed victim counseling services. Read more here!

2015 TFP Legacy Campaign


The Family Place has less than $220,000 left to raise!
Help us reach our goal of $16.5 million for our Legacy Campaign
to fund the construction of a new Central Dallas Counseling Center.

Every day our hearts break for the children, women and men abused by the people who are supposed to love them. They suffer through each day trying to keep their chins up and their hopes high. At The Family Place, we work hard to give these victims hope and break the cycle of domestic violence that hurts our whole community.
Won’t you be part of the solution?

Our shelters are at or over capacity, and we must continue to
enhance children's therapy to break the cycle of violence.
We need this facility to end domestic violence in our community.

2015 The Family Place Legacy Campaign- Floor Plan


A Legacy Campaign Recognition Levels 

Gifts may be made as multi-year pledges. 
Please contact our office at 214-443-7770 or to learn more about making a multi-year pledge.

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Patron Level ($1,000,000- $4,999,999) 

  • Naming Opportunities:
    • Emergency Shelter ($1,000,000) 

Benefactor Level ($100,000- $499,999) 

  • Naming Opportunities:
    • Client Dining Hall ($200,000) 
    • Staff Dining and Patio ($200,000)
    • Emergency Shelter Dining Room ($100,000)
    • Visitor Lobby ($100,000)
    • Emergency Shelter Lobby ($100,000)
    • Emergency Shelter Patio ($100,000)

Vanguard Level ($50,000- $99,999)  

  • Naming Opportunities:
    • Clinic Lobby ($75,000)
    • Emergency Shelter Lounge ($75,000)
    • Emergency Shelter Greeting Area ($75,000) 
    • Client Group Counseling Room ($50,000) - 4 remaining
    • Teen Room ($50,000)
    • Emergency Shelter Youth Counseling Room ($50,000) 
    • Emergency Shelter Bedroom ($50,000) - 9 remaining
    • Emergency Shelter Group Counseling Room ($50,000)

Guardian Level ($25,000- $49,999)  

  • Naming Opportunities:
    • Dental Exam Room ($35,000)
    • Medical Clinic Exam Room ($35,000) - 2 remaining
    • Counselor’s Office ($25,000) - 11 remaining
    • Emergency Shelter Counselor’s Office ($25,000) - 3 remaining
    • Emergency Shelter Laundry Room ($25,000) 

Leader Level ($10,000- $24,999)  

  • Naming Opportunities:
    • Client Huddle Room ($20,000) - 2 remaining
    • Staff Huddle Room ($20,000) - 3 remaining
    • Cat Tower ($10,000) - 2 remaining 
    • Client Lockers ($10,000) 

Champion Level ($5,000- $9,999)  

  • Naming Opportunities:
    • Outdoor Seating Area ($7,500) - 2 remaining


The Family Place seeks generous support at all levels of giving. We will appropriately recognize all of our donors for their contributions and honor wishes for anonymity. In addition, we will provide special recognition opportunities for extraordinary generosity. Recognition Levels are cumulative, based on the donor's combined total giving to the Legacy Campaign.

Donor pledges of $1 million and above will receive prominent recognition on the Campaign Donor Wall. 
Donor pledges between $750,000 and $100,000 will receive recognition on the Campaign Donor Wall.
Donor pledges below $100,000 will receive recognition on a Campaign Donor Area.

All donors to the Legacy Campaign will receive invitations and recognition at the Ann Moody Place Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony and will receive acknowledgment on the website and printed materials commensurate with giving level.

For all gift levels of $1,000 or more, a signed letter of intent and payment schedule must be received before the gift will be included in materials. All plaque language will be approved by the donor before ordering, but should conform to the Legacy Campaign basic standards.  Gifts, if requested, may be made anonymously.  All donations are for a public purpose and are 100% tax deductible. Please consult your tax preparer.

Download PDF version of the Legacy Campaign Commitment Form HERE


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