45 WAYS National Child Abuse Prevention Month

by User Not Found | Mar 29, 2023

The Family Place provides comprehensive services that positively impact child survivors of family violence, keeping them safe and creating a pathway to brighter futures. These programs include: 

Emergency Shelter provides family violence survivors with safety, food, clothing, transportation, legal services, counseling, and case management services at three shelter locations. 

Supportive Living Program provides long-term housing, education, and training to help survivors rebuild their lives in 25 on-site apartments at our Safe Campus. 
Children’s Educational Services provides full-time childcare, a K-2 Learning Center and after-school/summer program for school-age children with a curriculum written for the unique needs of traumatized children at the Safe Campus. 
Onsite Medical and Dental Clinics provide health assessment, screenings, immunizations, and care at our Safe Campus and Ann Moody Place. 
Children’s Counseling uses play therapy and activity-based programming to help children who have witnessed family violence change the way they look at the world. 
Faith and Liberty’s Place provides court-ordered supervised visitation and monitored exchange sto families with a history of family violence. 

Children from violent homes may be developmentally delayed, are more likely to be ill or under-immunized, have lower self-esteem, find it difficult to interact appropriately with peers, have poor problem-solving skills, difficulty managing anger, and often have trouble trusting adults. The children that The Family Place serves are traumatized by both family violence and poverty. We’ve designed our programs to address these special needs and help children thrive while protecting them from witnessing violence and experiencing abuse.  

Our programs have grown to address the comprehensive needs of family violence survivors and work to prevent violence from continuing into the next generation by identifying trauma and helping children increase their language skills, increase their fine and gross motor skills, feel an enhanced sense of safety and well-being, refrain from incidents of physical aggression, and connect to external support services to address special needs. 

We also address the health needs of children while they are in our care, ensuring immunizations are current, and, in addition to care from our clinic staff, children receive a physical exam from the Parkland Hospital mobile medical van. Our teachers conduct developmental, hearing and vision screenings. Through daily observations, appropriate referrals are made for dental and medical needs, speech therapy, play therapy, or early intervention programs. 

All our programs for children have been created to let them be kids and see their way to a future without violence.