“What helped me the most was a neighbor who confronted me when she hardly knew me and offered to help whenever I was ready to take the first step.” —Teresa, survivor of domestic violence


Executive Board
  • Chairman
    Harold Ginsburg
  • Treasurer, Audit and Finance
    Wes McCown
  • Secretary
    Thomas McCollum
  • VP, Community Awareness
    Clarisa Lindenmeyer
  • VP, Development
    Lindsay Jacaman
  • VP, Facilities
    Jim Buddrus
  • VP, Human Capital
    David Oliver
  • VP, Long Range Planning
    Jeannie Barsam
  • VP, Nominations
    Belinda Griffin
  • VP, Public Affairs
    Delia Jasso
  • General Counsel
    Eric White
  • Chief Executive Officer
    Mimi Crume Sterling
Board of Directors
  • Brooke Armstrong
  • Lisa Armstrong
  • Steven Bauer
  • Melinda Bell
  • Mark Benton
  • Laurie Berger
  • Nancy Bierman
  • Eric  Chandler
  • Kerry Cole
  • Nicole Collins
  • Monika Flood
  • Theresa Flores
  • Lauran Goldberg
  • Carlos Gonzalez-Jaime
  • Michelle Goolsby
  • Stacey Guillen
  • Patrico Gutierrez
  • Michelle Jenkins
  • Stacee Johnson-Williams
  • Melissa Ann Keeling
  • Linda Knox
  • Holly Krug
  • Margo McClinton Stoglin
  • Lauren McKinnon
  • Sam Megally
  • Aaliyah Miranda
  • Tiffany Moon
  • Elizabeth Saab
  • Kristen Sanger
  • Ryan Scripps
  • Carol Seay
  • Lisa Sherrod
  • Lisa Singleton
  • Sinead Soesbe
  • Ghousuddin Syed
  • Jill Tananbaum
  • Elizabeth Ward Creel
  • Samantha Wortley
  • Ana Yoder
Foundation Board of Directors
  • President
    Emily Maduro
  • Investment Committee Chair
    David Orlandella
  • Secretary
    Marc Joseph
  • Foundation Campaign Chair
    Claire Emanuelson
  • Treasurer
    Dave Rader
  • Robby Berry                      Sarah Losinger
    Nancy Fisher                     Lynn McBee
    Paige Flink                         Ron Parker
    Joyce Goss                         Betty Regard
    Sally Hoglund                    Denis Simon
Key Staff

  • Chief Executive Officer
    Mimi Crume Sterling

  • Chief Client Services Officer
    Tiffany McDaniel

  • Chief Financial Officer
    Shonna Pumphrey

  • Vice President, Operations
    Randall Elmore

  • Debra_Mitchell-Ibe_121
    Vice President, Client Services
    Debra Mitchell-Ibe

  • Sr. Director of Community
    Collaboration & Partnerships

    Rhonda Lemons

  • Sr. Director of Residential Services
    Abby Goode

  • Sr. Director of Non-Residential Services
    Crystal Sheppard