45 Ways The Family Place Be Project

by User Not Found | Mar 29, 2023

Our Be Project works to prevent sexual assault through increased awareness. The program is called Be Project to encourage students to Be Safe, Be Kind, Be Courageous, and Be More with a 10-week program designed to teach skills for healthy relationships. The curriculum addresses topics such as: 

  • Gender roles and expectations 

  • Dating violence 

  • Boundaries 

  • Communication skills 

  • Managing emotions 

  • Building empathy and respecting diversity 


Presentations for parents and other influential adults teach them how to Be Informed. Information shared includes these warning signs that a teen may be in an abusive relationship: 


  • Decrease in self-esteem since entering the relationship. 

  • The interests, values, and desires of their partner dominate the relationship. 

  • Their partner is using name calling, threats, intimidations, insults, manipulation, physical or sexual abuse. 

  • Their partner feels entitled to be in control and always decides how things will be. 

  • They are afraid to break up, and the partner will not leave them alone. 

  • The teen no longer spends time with friends and only spends time with their partner. 

  • The teen receives constant text messages from their partner.