Celebrating Women’s History Month and 45 Years of Saving Lives

by User Not Found | Feb 23, 2023

The Family Place is celebrating Women’s History Month in March by reflecting on our roots and continuing our commitment to serving women and families in crisis. We were established in 1978 by a group of women who recognized the urgent need for a shelter for families suffering from domestic abuse. Today, we’re the largest family violence service provider in the state with comprehensive programs designed to empower survivors and prevent future abuse. 

One of the key figures in the early days of The Family Place was Vivian Castleberry, a prominent women’s rights activist and journalist who helped shape the organization’s mission and name. Castleberry was one of several advisors to the group that would eventually become The Family Place. She believed that the name should reflect a welcoming and inclusive space for families in need and suggested The Home Place or The Family Place. The latter name was chosen and has since become synonymous with hope and healing for survivors of domestic violence in North Texas. 

The Family Place has always been an organization led and supported by women. Today, the board of directors is made up of 60% women, while the executive team is 80% women. Across the organization, women make up 70% of the staff. This commitment to gender diversity reflects the values that underpin our work, which is rooted in the belief that all individuals deserve to live free from violence and abuse. 

In addition to our direct services, we have been a leader in advocacy and community education around issues of domestic violence. We’ve worked with lawmakers to strengthen legal protections for survivors and have developed training programs for healthcare providers, educators, and law enforcement officials on how to recognize and respond to signs of abuse. By raising awareness of the impact of domestic violence on families and communities, we have helped create a safer and more supportive environment for survivors. 

During Women’s History Month, we remain committed to our mission of providing lifesaving and life-changing services to women, children, and men affected by domestic violence. Through our unwavering dedication to empowerment, healing, and prevention, we continue to be a beacon of hope for those working to break the cycle of abuse and to build brighter futures.