Program Highlight: Collin County Counseling Center

by User Not Found | Jan 02, 2020
 The Family Place not only serves the Dallas community, but also helps victims throughout DFW. The Collin County Counseling Center offers a variety of services from domestic violence education programs to parenting classes. These groups provide a supportive, confidential environment for victims of family violence.

Our domestic violence education program follows an 8-week curriculum that educates clients on a variety of topics such as different ways an abusive partner uses power and control, coping skills, and identifying signs of an unhealthy relationship. Our parenting classes follow the Love and Logic framework and help educate mothers on creating caring relationships.

In addition to counselors we have a full-time case manager in Collin County, Ashleigh Hernandez. As a case manager, she stays in constant contact with her clients, reaches out to other organizations for resource and benefit support, and even goes to court a couple of times a week to be their support. On a given day, she can work with anywhere from two to five clients depending on their needs. “What we really do is guide the clients and help them utilize the resources that they have within themselves—their inner-resources. We serve as a catalyst for change and help guide the victims as they grow and develop a new life,” says Ashleigh.

Ashleigh is a “life-line” to her clients. She makes sure they are not isolated and lonely as they try to leave their abuser or overcome the trauma of their situation. She helps these victims get back on their feet and develop skills to become a survivor.

Ashleigh and the rest of our case managers serve as a shoulder to lean on during such a difficult part of their lives and help them start over.