Shining a Light on Domestic Violence Awareness Month: Together We Can Make a Difference

by User Not Found | Oct 01, 2023


As the calendar flips to October, a significant and critical event comes into focus—Domestic Violence Awareness Month. At The Family Place, we recognize the urgency of this issue and the imperative need for collective action. In Texas, where a staggering 1 in 3 individuals faces domestic violence, this has emerged as a pressing public health issue. This month, we invite you to join hands with us to amplify awareness, offer support to survivors, and strive towards Building Brighter Futures that are free from violence.


Domestic violence manifests in numerous forms—physical, verbal, financial, sexual, digital, and stalking—all contributing to the vicious cycle of abuse. Shockingly, in 2020, the City of Dallas reported a staggering 15,000 domestic violence-related offenses and tragically, 35 intimate partner and family violence fatalities in Dallas County.


Support for Survivors:

It's important to recognize the immense courage it takes for a victim to leave an abusive relationship. On average, it can take up to seven attempts to leave an abusive relationship. In 2022, The Family Place stood by the side of over 19,000 individuals, offering them a lifeline of vital services, including emergency shelter, transitional housing, counseling, and more.


Domestic Abuse Knows No Boundaries:

Domestic abuse doesn't discriminate, regardless of age, gender, race, economic background, sexual orientation, or education level. Shockingly, 1 in 3 Texans will grapple with domestic violence, leading the CDC to declare intimate partner violence a grave public health concern in the U.S. Notably, even teenagers are not immune, as 1 in 3 teens will face the harrowing reality of dating violence.


Prevention Through Education:

The Be Project takes prevention education to schools, empowering youth to be safe, kind, courageous, and more. Education is a crucial component of preventing domestic violence. Encouraging youth to be a part of the solution to end relationship violence.


Ways to Make a Difference:

1. Donate in Honor of a Survivor: Consider making a heartfelt donation to support survivors, ensuring they have access to shelter, counseling, and essential resources. Dedicate your contribution to a survivor or someone you know to show your support. DONATE


2. Spread Awareness: Harness the power of your voice and social media platforms to raise awareness about domestic violence. Share compelling statistics, personal stories, and valuable resources to break the silence and stigma surrounding this issue.


Explore Our DVAM Toolkit: The Family Place has also created a TOOLKIT filled with valuable information on how you can shed light on domestic violence. This toolkit serves as a powerful resource for individuals and organizations looking to make a meaningful impact during Domestic Violence Awareness Month and beyond. Be sure to download it to access more information, resources, and guidance. TOOLKIT HERE


3. Attend Empowering Events:

Mark your calendar for October's dynamic lineup of events and workshops dedicated to educating about domestic violence. These gatherings offer a unique opportunity to connect with passionate advocates and delve deeper into the heart of the issue.


  • For the past three decades, Galleria Dallas and The Family Place have joined forces to champion the cause of ending domestic violence each October. This year, the Gallery Wall serves as a powerful canvas, showcasing vital information about fostering healthy relationships. It's a visual tribute available throughout the entire month of October. Don't miss the chance to stop by, capture the moment, and share with us your vision of love! Connect with us on social media [@thefamilyplace]. 


“The staggering statistics reveal that one in three Texans experiences domestic violence, and the Dallas Police Department receives approximately 15,000 family violence calls every year,” CEO of The Family Place, Mimi Sterling, said. “The prominence of the Gallery Wall at Galleria Dallas allows us to effectively engage and educate thousands of young people with vital information about how to build healthy relationships based on respect that will lead to brighter futures.”

  • October 5, 11am: Texas Town Hall will gather officials and Texans to discuss statistics and stories behind domestic violence fatalities, with a focus on working towards a safer tomorrow.


  • October 17, 6:30pm: Join us at the Illuminate Irving event at Millennium Park, where lanterns will glow with the names of loved ones in remembrance of victims and survivors of domestic violence.


  • October 19: Purple Thursday - Join the world in wearing PURPLE on October 19 to demonstrate your commitment to ending domestic violence. Share your solidarity on social media with us by tagging @thefamilyplace.


This October, let's come together in a collective effort to support survivors, raise awareness, and work towards a world free from violence. By donating, spreading awareness, attending events, and wearing purple on October 19th, you can play a crucial role in this important cause. Together, we help shed light on domestic violence and we hope you join our mission to help survivors thrive!







Texas Council of Family Violence