Supreme Court Ruling: A Crucial Victory for Survivor Safety

by Volunteer Coordinator | Jun 21, 2024

Statement from Tiffany Tate-McDaniel, Interim CEO

As the largest provider of domestic violence services in Texas, The Family Place is committed to keeping survivors safe. This ruling by the U.S. Supreme Court is a momentous win for survivors of domestic violence and the organizations who serve them because it protects federal law that works to keep guns out of the hands of known abusers.

There is a direct correlation between access to guns and the lethality of domestic violence incidents. According to the Texas Council on Family Violence, the presence of a gun in a domestic violence situation increases the risk of homicide by as much as 500%.

While there is still work to be done to break the cycle of domestic violence, this ruling brings tremendous relief for survivors and their loved ones who need this lifesaving legal protection. The Family Place will continue to partner with domestic violence organizations to educate policymakers, the public and the media about the life-threatening connection between firearms and domestic violence homicides. We know the threats abusers make are real, and guns in their hands increase the risk of serious injury and death. We remain dedicated to helping survivors progress from fear to safety by providing emergency shelter, transitional housing, counseling, education and support to break the cycle of domestic violence.