Standing Up for Survivors: A Message of Compassion and Support in the Wake of Supreme Court Decision

by Volunteer Coordinator | Jul 10, 2024


Statement from Tiffany Tate-McDaniel, Interim CEO

The Family Place stands firm against the Supreme Court's decision in City of Grants Pass, Ore. v. Johnson, which allows communities to arrest and fine homeless individuals, including domestic violence survivors, for sleeping outside.

The shortage of housing for domestic violence survivors often forces them into the heart-wrenching choice of sleeping outside or enduring continued violence. This ruling complicates their situation by penalizing their struggle for safety and survival.

At The Family Place, we believe in supporting survivors with grace and compassion. We must ensure that no survivor has to choose between safety and shelter. Our society has a responsibility to support and protect these individuals, providing them with the resources they need to rebuild their lives.

We urge our community leaders and policymakers to address this critical issue with the urgency and humanity it demands, embracing a compassionate approach to support those in need.