Empowering Youth, Breaking the Cycle: The Be Project's Commitment to Youth

by User Not Found | Feb 01, 2024

In the pursuit of eradicating domestic violence, education and community awareness play pivotal roles. Our Be Project program, an initiative committed to empowering and educating youth and preventing teen dating violence, stands out for its comprehensive approach. As we enter February, designated as Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month, the Be Project gears up for advocacy, education, and community engagement. This blog will delve into the Be Project's impactful programs, their vision for breaking the cycle of violence, and practical tips for parents in fostering healthy communication with their teens.

The Be Project's Mission:

At the heart of the Be Project's mission is the dual focus on survivor empowerment and community education. By providing vital resources, programs, and initiating awareness campaigns, the project aims to empower victims to break free from abusive relationships and embark on a path of healing. The larger vision is to break the cycle of domestic violence by educating the community about different forms of abuse, thus fostering a culture to not tolerate such behavior.

Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month:

February marks Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month, and the Be Project takes this opportunity to advocate for the prevention of dating abuse among youth. Through evidence-based strategies, the Be Project creates protective environments in schools and communities, teaching healthy relationship skills, increasing positive relationships, and connecting youth with essential domestic violence services.

Here is Texas Council on Family Violence’s national SOCIAL MEDIA TOOLKIT for you to share on your platforms to spread awareness about Teen Dating Violence.

Learn More About Be Project:

The Be Project's "What is Love" initiative focuses on educating youth about boundaries, healthy relationships, and recognizing signs of abuse. With programs ranging from classroom education to community engagement, the project partners with over 19 schools in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. In 2023 alone, the Be Project worked with over 5,400 students, with more than 90% of participants being able to distinguish between healthy and unhealthy relationship behaviors. Read more.


Join us in the month of February for events in the Dallas area to learn more about Teen Dating Violence and healthy relationships:

Teen Book Club Night

Whose Books in Bishop Arts

Thursday, February 29 @7pm

Register here 


Parent Book Club Night

Whose Books in Bishop Arts
Thursday, February 22 @7pm

Support Whose Books with a donation and join us to learn more about talking with your teen!


A Safe Space: Learn About Teen Dating Violence 

Desoto Domestic Violence Advisory Commission and The Family Place - Be Project are partnering for a free interactive event about teen dating violence!

Saturday, February 24 11am-2pm
New Legacy Community Church

More details and register here!

Parent Involvement:

Recognizing the crucial role parents play in shaping their teens' perspectives on relationships, the Be Project extends its reach by providing communication skills for parents. Strategies for establishing clear communication, building trust, and fostering healthy relationships form a crucial part of the Be Project's vision.

The Be Project offers strategies for parents to create a safe and supportive environment:

1. Provide Safety: Set clear boundaries, maintain open communication, approach conversations with curiosity, and hold yourself accountable as a parent.

2. Create Connection: Foster a strong bond by spending quality time, establishing routines, respecting autonomy and opinions, and understanding your teen's thoughts, feelings, and interests.

3. Build Support: Utilize active listening skills, validate your teen's feelings, engage in respectful communication, and empathize by putting yourself in their shoes.

As we share more throughout Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month in February, the Be Project works actively towards breaking the cycle of domestic violence through education, community engagement, and survivor empowerment. By embracing a holistic approach that involves parents, schools, and the community, the Be Project contributes significantly to creating a future where healthy relationships flourish, and domestic violence becomes an aberration rather than a norm.

If you or someone you know is experiencing domestic violence, reach out to the 24-hour hotline at 214-941-1991 for immediate help. Together, we can end the abuse.